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Silent movie of Boljevac in 1944, featuring rescued Airmen

This silent movie was published recently by museum of Yugoslav cinematography. It features gathering of Yugoslav Army in Homeland (Chetnik guerrillas), in city of Boljevac, western Serbia, in summer of 1944.

Among them, wearing recognizable white fur hats, (starting from 4:20), were members of B-24 bomber No 41-29343, that was shot down near Bor on May 6th. Their pilot was Thomas K. Oliver, who later managed to send message to Allied Hq that 150 US airmen are with Chetniks and waiting for evacuation, which led to sending of Halyard mission to Pranjani. They can be later seen (from 7:40) greeted by crowd, and sent on train. Another interesting scene is from 12:50. We can see small workshop, that made tripods for Browning M2 machine guns, taken from shot down aircraft. Their large firepower made them formidable and effective weapon, but lack of ammunition and weight proved to be not so suitable in guerrilla warfare.

Watch entire movie on YouTube:


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