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Bombing of Belgrade on Easter 1944.

On April 16-17, 1944 more than 360 Allied bombers attacked targets in Belgrade. Among them were railroad marshaling yards, the aircraft industry, and the airport. Belgrade was the key railroad junction for Balkans and Yugoslav aircraft factories produced parts for Messerschmitt aircraft. Unfortunately, due to the proximity of living areas to some targets, many innocent lives were lost during the raids. According to data from Belgrade cemeteries, almost 800 civilians were killed. In the Sajmište camp more than 60 prisoners perished, along with some civilians in Zemun. This event was used extensively as propaganda by the quisling government. The number of casualties was exaggerated. Some accounts suggest the Allied bombings were larger than the German raids on April 6, 1941. While the Allies dropped almost 1000 tons of bombs, double than the Germans, the fact remains that more than two times more people perished during the German raid on April 6th. Civilians were not specifically targeted by the Allied attacks against the German war machine. 

Let us not forget the innocent lives lost in Belgrade.


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